Monday, 29 July 2013

Red crewel work embroidery.

This amazing crewel (wool) work hanging was on display at The Royal School of Needlework for a class a few weeks ago, so I was lucky enough to take some photographs. It is currently in a private collection, but is for sale ( if only I could buy it!!!). The hanging dates from about 1620 and is English. It was probably part of a set and does have a runner with it. This however is of a slightly different style.
The outlines of the motifs are all worked in stem stitch. The shading is composed of seeding which varies in density. There are also detached chain and other surface patterning stitches to give variation. The ground fabric is linen twill . This technique was also worked in black wool and silk, very often on clothing. Many of those examples are damaged though as iron was often used in the black dyes and therefore the thread very often perishes over time.